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We also do......


ASC Audio undertake all manner of car electronics and vehicle customisation jobs.

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Wood dash in a BMW covered with 3M vinyl for a more modern look








Speed camera detector installed in an Audi A5

Neon 'smurf feet' installed in the foot wells
of a Vauxhall Insignia

Tow bar fitted and towing relay wired up to a Citreon van









Momo steering wheel and boss installed in a Honda NSX whilst retaining factory cruise control





Indicator stalk wire shorted on a Renault Clio, diagnosed fault and replaced part

Spot lights and relay installed on a Mitsubishi

Road Angel front and rear evidence
cameras installed in a dog security van












Installed digital radio with auxillary link, flat screen TV with aux input to stereo for surround sound with a movie into Fiat Minibago

Daytime running lights installed
on a Toyota Landcruiser

Arches rolled on a Mazda RX7

Custom gauges with illumination installed in
a Subaru Impreza

OBD2 gauge installed into heater vent in
an Audi TT